66th IFLA General Conference

Jerusalem, Israel, 13-18 August 2000

Updated information on the Conference

The Israeli National Organizing Committee, with the approval of the Professional Board of IFLA, has chosen the theme "INFORMATION FOR COOPERATION: CREATING THE GLOBAL LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE" for the 66th IFLA General Conference in Jerusalem.

The Subtopics are:

  1. Exchange of electronic bibliographic data
  2. Cross-cultural networking partnerships
  3. The multicultural Internet
  4. Management of information: "librarianship" for the 21st century
  5. The on-site library in the era of the virtual library
  6. Educating the professional for the Global Information Infrastructure
  7. Research in a global environment
  8. The study of reading in the digital society
  9. Preservation of the past for the future
The following statement expresses the reasons the National Organizing Committee chose this theme and our attitude toward the ideas and implications expressed in both the theme and sub-topics:
The enormous potential for international cooperation in the exchange and utilization of information which today's technology offers, and tomorrow's technology promises, presents a great opportunity to library and information professionals. The growing demand for bibliographic exchange, multicultural Internet resources, research unhampered by geographic or linguistic limitations, and cross- cultural networking, both in the sense of online technology and offline partnerships, is a challenge to libraries which must be addressed and which should be welcomed. 

The Global Information Infrastructure which is developing and which will surely be in place early in the 21st century, will require information professionals with a sense of obligation both to their national needs and to the larger goals of the international community to digitize, navigate, distribute and preserve all the world's knowledge for all the world's people.

It is to these goals -- international, multilingual, multicultural cooperation throughout the library and information community -- that the 66th IFLA Conference in Jerusalem commits itself and invites all of its colleagues throughout the world to participate, share ideas and celebrate in Jerusalem in 2000.

To facilitate communication with prospective participants in IFLA 2000 Jerusalem, we have
designated a liaison person for each Division within IFLA. Each division includes a number of
Sections as well, as indicated on the scheme of the divisional structure of IFLA. Questions connected with organizing sessions in Israel within each division may be sent to these persons.

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