The laboratory provides infrastructure for multidisciplinary psychobiological research from the molecular and cellular
levels to pharmacological and physiological processes of neuronal networks, through cognitive and behavioral
The laboratory operates by providing space and facilities
that complement existing research facilities in your home laboratories. In particular, the laboratory aims to help researchers overcome the difficulties of developing new research interests that require novel technologies
and specialized equipment. For example, the laboratory's facility to image free intracellular calcium and other ions in neurons can be used by researchers who do not have the equipment and lack the technical expertise. Physiologist and behavioral scientists who are interested in examining molecular biological approaches such as gene expression (cDNA or mRNA) in cultured cells can use the laboratory
facilities, and discuss technical aspects of their research with experts who operatein the laboratory.
In addition, the laboratory's culturing facilities and electrophysiological set can be used to explore new ideas, generate preliminary data or perform pilot studies.
The laboratory will purchase research tools that will help open up new paths for cognitive and behavioral science and can be used by a number of groups.

How to apply for space and equipment

The laboratory is open to all qualified researchers in Israel as well as visitors from abroad. We encourage you to come and visit the laboratory, discuss your needs
and then provide a short written explanation of the project you wish to carry out in the laboratory. Please itemize the equipment that you wish to use or you would like us to purchase. Support of materials would be considered for projects that are carried out in the laboratory. If you are residing outside of Jerusalem and need support for your travel please provide an estimate of the cost. Your obligations to the laboratory are simple: besides maintaining considerate behavior in the crowded space of the laboratory, you are requested to acknowledgein all publications that, "This research was supported by the Charles E. Smith Family
and Prof. Joel Elkes Laboratory for Collaborative Research in Psychobiology". You are cordially invited to visit us and submit your requests to conduct a research project in our facility.

Prof. Micha Spira
Laboratory Director
17 November 2006